Joyce has written two text books on preimplantation genetic diagnosis and is currently writing a third.  The first was published in 2001 by Wiley and the second published in 2010 by Cambridge University Press.  Preimplantation Genetic Testing, her third book on PGD, is in preparation and will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2018.

She has contributed to many book chapters.

Joyce is writing three books relating to women’s health.  She has just completed her book – what every woman should know.  This book covers women’s health and wellbeing from birth to death.  It includes chapters on how to be healthy, from pregnancy to puberty, the menstrual cycle, sex, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, infertility, menopause, female disorders and the later years.

She is also working on a book covering global women’s health issues, from child brides to human trafficking and a book of women’s words and images.