When Joyce was in her twenties she started working in the field of fertility and she often had conversations with friends about their bodies and their fertility.  At this time she read ‘Ourbody, Ourselves’ and felt it was a book that every woman should read, but she also felt that it did not cover all the topics a woman might want to know about.
Joyce started writing a book about women’s health in 1987.  At that time she knew a lot about fertility but was not an expert in the other key women’s health topics.  The idea of the book has been bubbling in Joyce’s thoughts for the last thirty years.
But first Joyce developed Global Women Connected. Through the years of working on Global Women Connected, Joyce has come to realize the topics that women want to know about.  But she also realized the limitations of a web site and so in 2016, she decided that she should finally write the book she thought of 30 years ago.

Hear Joyce talking about why she wants to write a book and what it includes by clicking here.

Joyce is working with Curtis Brown to develop her book https://www.curtisbrown.co.uk/client/professor-joyce-harper

Joyce feels there are three key times in a woman’s life where she needs to understand her body: puberty, the fertility years and the menopause. She wants to write books on all three areas.


Joyce is performing at live events and company workshops to discuss topics from the book including the menstrual cycle, fertility, infertility, the menopause and wellbeing. The current two events are: “Wellbeing Over 40” and “Career and Motherhood”. The company workshop is on “Making 2019 fabulous”. Joyce also does school talks on the menstrual cycle, fertility, fertility education and reproductive science.

Wellbeing Over 40 involves discussion of the menopause, wellbeing, nutrition, exercise, sleep and ME time.

Career and Motherhood involves discussion of the menstrual cycle, fertility, fertility decline with age, infertility, wellbeing, nutrition, exercise, sleep and juggling career and motherhood.

Debunking the fertility myths – advice for women trying to get pregnant.

Making 2019 fabulous: happier, healthier and more successful. Does your company employ women? Would you like to host a workshop where women can work on how they can make 2019 the best year ever? Joyce has developed a three hour workshop to explore health, happiness and success. The workshop is in three parts: how to be healthier (nutrition, exercise and sleep), reproductive health (menstrual cycle, fertility and the menopause) and your vision (what will make 2019 the most successful ever).

If you would like Joyce to talk or run a workshop, please email joyce.harper@ucl.ac.uk or phone/text 07880 795791.

London talks coming up:

Wednesday 1st May:  Fertility Fest, the Big Fertility Questions. At the Barbican. Tickets here

Friday 10th May: Fertility Fest: Modern Families. Info here.

21st May:  Pint of Science. Genomes our bodies most private information. What does the future of reproductive genetics hold? Tickets here

Friday 21st June, 10.00am Menopause, POI and Premenstrual Syndrome Study Day’ at UCLH. For GPs and other health professionals. I will be talking on Menopause – pendulum has swung back!

Wednesday 5th June: British Fertility Society study week: I will be talking on An Introduction to PGT and expanded carrier screening and chairing a debate on This house believes that clinical evidence supports the use of PGS. At the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, https://www.britishfertilitysociety.org.uk/modules/pgd-pgs/

Feedback from live events: Great evening and brilliant presentation Joyce. Very engaging. More Joyce! Could listen to her talk for hours. Thank you for a fabulous, very informative, thought provoking and fun evening. I came here hoping that it might spur me on to make some life changes. I feel certain it has. Very informative. I need to stop and think about my needs more and look into exercise and my diet. Thought provoking evening. Absolutely brilliant, thank you for leading this discussion, we appreciate you!! I love your presentation.