When Joyce was in her twenties she started working in the field of fertility and she often had conversations with friends about their bodies and their fertility.  At this time she read ‘Ourbody, Ourselves’ and felt it was a book that every woman should read, but she also felt that it did not cover all the topics a woman might want to know about.
Joyce started writing a book about women’s health in 1987.  At that time she knew a lot about fertility but was not an expert in the other key women’s health topics.  The idea of the book has been bubbling in Joyce’s thoughts for the last thirty years.  But first Joyce developed Global Women Connected.  In 2014 Joyce ran three brain-storming sessions with anyone who was willing to attend and the concept of Global Women Connected was developed.  With the help of an inspiring team (Elena Kontogianni, Laura Witjens-Spoelstra, Tharni Vasavan, Keeley Monsen and Helen O’Neill) Global Women Connected was set up in 2015.

Through the years of working on Global Women Connected, Joyce has come to realize the topics that women want to know about.  But she also realized the limitations of a web site and so in 2016, she decided that she should finally write the book she thought of 30 years ago.

What every woman should know covers women’s health and wellbeing from birth to death.  It discusses how to be healthy, how we make eggs, puberty, sex, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, fertility, infertility, pregnancy, the menopause, female disorders and how we grow old.  It is hoped that the book will be in press in 2018.

Joyce will be doing road shows to discuss issues from the book including fertility, the menopause and being healthy.