Joyce started working on preimplantation genetic diagnosis in 1992, originally at the Hammersmith Hospital with Alan Handyside and Robert Winston and then she set up UCL Centre for PGD with Joy Delhanty.  Joyce ran her first PGD workshop as a joint venture with the Hammersmith Hospital and UCL in 1996 as she felt it was important to give hands on training in these highly specialized techniques.

Since 1996 she has run annual or bi-annual workshops at UCL covering hands on lab techniques involved in PGD and IVF.   She has run over 40 workshops in many countries, including South Africa, Australia, Egypt and India.  Over the years she has trained hundreds of people in embryology and PGD.

In 2014, with Alpesh Doshi, Joyce set up the Embryology and PGD Academy which runs training courses in all aspects of laboratory IVF and PGD.  The academy has delivered numerous workshops on vitrification, trouble shooting, embryo biopsy and PGD, in the UK and globally.

Joyce has made a video celebrating the first 20 years of workshops (1996-2016).

In 2018 the Academy launched the Certificate in Clinical Embryology.

The certificate is a distance learning course for embryologists.  It includes 8 taught modules, each with a face to face multi-choice exam.  Students complete a detailed log book to validate their practical skills and the final part of the certificate is an exit exam which consists of an essay, an oral and a practical exam.  The certificate offers clinical embryologist a unique education experience.

Videos of the Academy’s work can be found on our YouTube channel.