Joyce is invited to speak at numerous national and international scientific conferences and public events including key note and plenary lectures.  She talks on all aspects of fertility, fertility education, infertility, genetics, reproductive health, women’s health and women’s wellbeing.

Lectures for 2021
12th Jan, PGT and genome editing, New York Obstetrical Society, Covid and the future of ART with Jerry Schatten, virtual
24-25th Jan,  Genetic testing, the end of donor anonymity. ESHRE Campus workshop, Information provision and counseling in third party reproduction: best practice in the face of new challenges, virtual
31st Jan, Preimplantation genetic testing, Fetal medicine foundation webinar series
13th February, Your Fertile Years, National Obstetrics & Gynaecology Conference – Navigating the Future, virtual
2nd March, RBMO Live, The prevalence, promotion, and pricing of three IVF add-ons on fertility clinic websites, RBM Online, FREE
3rd March, Let’s all talk, Female Fertility, The Fertility Show, FREE
7th March, International Women’s Day,Your Fertile Years interview and lecture with Dr Larisa Corda, Dr Raj Mathur, Emma Haslett, FREE
8th March, International Women’s Day, Women open water swimming panel discussion, FREE
19th March, IVF add-ons and the International Fertility Education Initiative, Jordanian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists & The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
2-4th April, PGD and PGS: Current status and future directions, the scientific view of the failed IVF cycle, Adjuncts in IVF, the need for evidence based medicine. International Online Symposium on Controversial Topics and Current Approaches in Ovulation Induction, Infertility and ART
8-10th April, Plenary lecture, No way back, the end of donor anonymity, Best of ASRM/ESHRE, Lisbon, Portugal
15-16th April, Why we need to teach fertility education, Key Note Lecture, World Gynecology 2021
7th May, Adjuncts in the IVF laboratory, Swedish IVF Conference
9th May, Reproductive genetics – where are we heading, ASPIRE Virtual Congress
13th May, Genetic testing, a blessing or a curse?  Senior Nurses conference, Solihull
3-5th June, XXII National Congress of Infertility and Reproductive Health,  Bulgaria
July 2-4th, Fertility Education, Athens, Greece
28-30th June, Add-ons should not be offered to patients without solid evidence from clinical trials, ESHRE, Paris
3-5th Sept, Adjuncts in IVF. FUSION 2020, Mumbai, India
17-19th Sept, End of donor anonymity by genetic design. Narture – International Summit on Reproductive Medicine, Lake Como, Italy
10-11th Sept, Gamete donation anonymity and online sperm donation, 2nd International fertility  nurses and midwives congress, Lisbon, Portugal
23-25th Sept, Adjuncts in the IVF laboratory, where is the evidence, Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS), Canada
29th Sept – 1st Oct, Fertility health and environment, Federation Française d’étude de la Reproduction, Rennes, France
21st to 24th October, iMaterna course, Malaga, Spain
2-4th December, Standard IVF vs Add-on IVF, COGI, Berlin

Photos from some past conferences

Fertility Show Africa

Fertility Education

10th October 2021

Cryos Symposium, Cyprus

Genetic matching of donors and genetic panels

8th October 2021

French Federation for the Study of Reproduction, France

Fertility Education

30th September 2021

Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, Canada

Adjuncts in the IVF Laboratory: Where is the Evidence for ‘Add-On’ Interventions?

24th September 2021

2nd International Fertility Nurses and Midwives Congress, Portugal

Gamete donation; anonymity and online sperm donation

11th September 2021

International Women’s Day

Your Fertile Years, Race and Reproduction, Women Open Water Swimming

8th March 2021

RBM Online

IVF add-ons

2nd March 2021

National Obstetrics & Gynaecology Conference – Navigating the Future, virtual

Your Fertile Years

13th February 2021

Fetal Medicine Foundation seminar series, virtual

Preimplantation genetic testing

31st January 2021

ESHRE Campus Workshop: Counselling and the provision of information in third party reproduction: best practice in the face of new challenges

Genetic testing: the end of donor anonymity?

28th January 2021

New York Obstetrical Society with Jerry Schatten

Covid and the future of ART

12th January 2021

Giant Health, Festival of Health Tech Innovation | 1-2 December 2020 | Virtual Event

The use of tech in fertility and infertility

Watch on YouTube

Fertility Hub, GP Fertility Study Day, November 2020

Your Fertile Years

Raising awareness for female patients on their fertility

IVF Add-Ons: Scientific, Ethical, Regulatory, and Legal Considerations, Harvard Law School, November 2020

Watch here

IVF Babble, October 2020

Your Fertile Years

Science Museum Live Event, The future of sex, virtual, July 2020

Watch here

Association for fertility and reproductive health, virtual, July 2020

The use of IVF add-ons for recurrent implantation failure

ESHRE, 2020, virtual, July 2020

Two posters, talk and chairing session

London Futurists, virtual, June 2020

Watch here

Nordic Fertility Innovation, Oslo, Norway, Jan 31st and 1st Feb

Genetic testing, the end of donor anonymity.

International Course of Prenatal Genetics, Madrid, Spain, 24-25th January

Ethical aspects of new technology in assisted reproduction.

COGI, Paris, November 2019

Debate on IVF add-ons

CoGEN, Paris, November 2019

Controversial and ethical issues of PGT and debate on IVF add-ons

EU Parliament, Brussels, November 2019

Fertility Education

VII Society of Reproductive Medicine, Turkey 2019

IVF add-ons and Reproductive Genetics

European Congress on Preconception Health and Care, September 2019

Fertility Education

f-Tales, September 2019

The future of reproductive genetics

Ethical aspects of new technologies in assisted reproduction, Madrid, July 2019

The future of reproductive genetics

iWomen’s Health Conference, London, July 2019

Fertility awareness: what the 30 year old woman should know

European Society Human Reproduction and Embryology, Vienna, June 2019

Talks on egg freezing, menstrual cycle, reproductive genetics and chaired basic science award committee

First Fertility Festival, Greece, 2019

Fertility Awareness

Cryos International Conference, May 2019

Genetic testing, the end of donor anonymity

Expermed, Expert Meeting in Personalised Reproductive Medicine, Cyprus, April 2019

Is PGT-A the answer for recurrent implantation failure?

Emirates Obstetric, Gynaecology and Fertility Forum, Dubai, Jan 2019

Future of Reproductive Genetics
New technologies in ART – the need for evidence based medicine

Turkish Society of Clinical Embryologists Symposium, Dec 2018

Future of Reproductive Genetics
IVF add-ons – the need for evidence based medicine

Tambre Symposium, Madrid, November 2018

Future of Reproductive Genetics

CoGEN, Paris, November 2018

Debate on Genome Editing

4th ReproYoung conference, Ystad, Sweden, October 2018

Key Note Lecture

Contemporary Approaches in Ovulation Induction and Infertility Symposium, Turkey, October 2018

Association for Fertility and Reproductive Health, Nigeria, September 2018

Key Note lecture

Kosovo Obstetrics and Gynaecology conference, September 2018

Monash University Education Programme in Reproduction and Development Symposium, Prato, Italy, July 2018

Soapbox Science – Tick-tock of the biological clock, South Bank, May 2018 – watch the video here.

Oxford Union Debate: This house believes genetic engineering will undermine the nature of humanity, May 2018 – watch the video here.

ESHRE Campus Workshop: Current approaches in genetics and reproduction, Bulgaria, May 2018

Journée Paul Cohen-Bacrie, Paris, April 2018

WOW – Women of the World Festival, London, March 2018 

Upper Egypt Assisted Reproduction Conference, Cairo, Feb 2018 

Update on Infertility Treatments congress,  Madrid, Jan 2018 

Celebration of 20 years of the ESHRE PGD Consortium, Brussels, December 2017


19th World Congress on In Vitro Fertilization, Turkey, October 2017

South Africa, three days, three cities, October 2017

ESHRE, July 2017

IVF Conference, Poland, June 2017

International Conference on contemporary and future prospectives in personalised reproductive medicine can care, Cyprus, April 2017

British Council Science Alive, Hong Kong, March 2017

Egyptian IVF Conference, Luxor, March 2017

Upper Egypt Assisted Reproduction conference, Cairo, Feb 2017

Women and Girls in Science International Day, UN New York, Feb, 2017